Hello and welcome to Yoga Productions!

My name is Elisabeth Kaufmann. For more than thirty years, yoga has been an important part of my life, first as a practitioner and the last fifteen years also as a yoga teacher.

Initially, my focus was on power yoga and hathayoga, but I continued to educate myself in yin yoga, the yoga form in which Yoga Productions was born in 2016 and which I focus mainly on at the present time. It is also this yoga form I train new instructors in at Arboga Yin Yoga Academy, which I founded in 2018.

According to me, there is no yoga form that is so important in today’s society as yin yoga. People are more stressed and excited than ever. At the same time, the interest in more physical training has increased markedly in recent years. Yin yoga reaches a deeper level of mental and physical relaxation than other yoga forms and is an optimal complement to physical exercise as well as a good contrast to everyday stress. Learn more about yin yoga here.

Here at Yoga Productions you will find information about my workshops, retreats, education and projects, latest news from the yoga world and inspiration for more yoga in everyday life. Read more about me and my yoga here.