Yinyoga is a tranquil and meditative form of yoga where we sit or lie in different positions for a long time (3-5 minutes), with relaxed muscles. With this way of performing the positions, we stretch, squeeze and twist our connective tissues slowly and smoothly. At the same time, we strengthen our joints and help lead fluid, lymph, blood and energy to flow in the body.

By relaxing in the muscles while holding the body in positions we get into the depths of our body and activate the fascia. Our fascia is like a glue that encloses and even penetrates our muscles, organs and bones. Through the yinyoga positions, it is stimulated to become stronger, more liquid-filled and more flexible. In this way, yin yoga can postpone the age-related dehydration of the body.

At the same time, we influence the energy flow in the body. As we dissolve the stagnations in our fascia through yin yoga, we make it easier for the energy to move around the body, making us feel more alive and healthy. According to Chinese medicine, we all have a life force – called qi (or prana) – flowing in our bodies. Qi flows into energy channels called meridians (or nadis in Sanskrit). The meridian’s path goes through the fascia and every meridian is directly linked to its yin and yang organ. When we hold the different positions for a long time, our fascia and thus the meridians that go through it are stimulated. In this way, the flow of qi in the body is balanced. Stagnations dissolve and the circulation will start. Excess qi goes to areas where there are deficits and so on.

By regularly doing yin yoga we increase the body’s energy level. We also help tension to diminish or disappear. In yin yoga we also train conscious presence and acceptance. By doing so, we learn to handle pain and accept our body as it is. We learn to differentiate between what we can change and what we can not change. These skills increase our ability to keep calm and think clearly when we face obstacles, stress and everyday problems.

Learn more about yin yoga here: www.yinyoga.com