Here a little about what I’ve been doing the last year:

In June 2018, I opened Arboga Yin Yoga Academy (, which serves as an education center and a think tank for Yin Yoga and issues related to Yin Yoga, such as Mindfulness Meditation, Energy Medicine and Fasciology. For beginners we offer basic courses. For those who want to continue exploring yin yoga there are advanced courses and education in different aspects, like:

  • How our breathing patterns affect our fascia
  • Your body – your yoga (how to change positions according to the shape of our bones)
  • Yin yoga för different groups, i e runners
  • The energy system in our body and how it is affected by the yin yoga positions
  • Inner practices (i e mindfulness, meditation practices, visualisation)

Arboga Yin Yoga Academy also offers Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings and Advanced Trainings for Yin Yoga Teachers.

Currently I have no trainings in English.  For my workshops in German, click here!